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Discover the treasures of Cozumel by bike.


  • $65 USD


This is a fantastic bike tour for those seeking a more active experience. While on this adventure, we’ll visit an old spring (cenote) called Aerolito. We’ll then stop at Sunset beach to cool off and snorkel while your guide shows you incredible coral and marine life.

Tour Description:

​At the beginning of the tour, you will be guided “caravan style” along the west coast of Cozumel to an ancient spring (cenote) called Aerolito. We’ll stop here to learn the importance of the mangroves and how the “cenotes” are critical to the island’s water filtration systems. The beauty of Cenote Aerolito is truly magnified once you understand the importance of the endemic animals and plants that surround this magical geological formation. Aerolito is just one of the thousands of these cave formations that dot the Yucatan Peninsula and form part of the entrance to the ancient Mayan underworld known as “Xibalba.”

On your way back to the city of San Miguel, your next stop will be Sunset Beach. Now that you’ve warmed up, it’s time to cool off in our beautiful and warm Caribbean waters. Our professional and experienced PADI-certified guides will set you up with your snorkel gear and give you a short briefing on the amazing fish and coral you’ll encounter.

There is plenty of time for beginners to get comfortable in shallow water before heading to deeper water to visit Cozumel’s Reef Restoration Program, the only Reef Restoration program on the island of Cozumel. Seeing coral in its natural environment will help you understand the island’s filtration systems and their importance to reef systems and the fish that live in them.

After your activity in the water, it’s time to relax as we serve you a complimentary soda or beer along with a refreshing snack.

What to bring?

  • Cash or credit cards for photographic or boutique purchases.
  • Swimwear
  • Solar Protection (glasses, hat, rashguard)
  • Sunscreen is prohibited*


2.5 hours

Minimun age

14 years


You can rent a locker for $3 USD to store your belongings while you do this activity.

This tour includes the following:

  • Mountain bike and protective gear
  • Complete snorkel equipment and life jacket
  • PADI professional guide and marine biologist to explain the coral reef restoration program
  • Free time to swim and relax at Sunset Beach
  • 2 drinks (soda or beer) and a delicious snack are included to help wash away the taste of salt water after diving.

*Remember that the use of sunscreen is prohibited for the sake of preserving our marine life.

Please be sure to use alternative sun protection such as a rash guard, sunglasses, and a hat.

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